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The Career Brand for Professionals - PDF DOWNLOAD

The Career Brand for Professionals is a powerful introspective tool that strengthens your personal career brand, identifies what you need and want in a company, and empowers you with strategies for advancing your career. The Career Brand for Professionals enables you to:

  • Determine your unique career brand strengths

  • Identify your career-sabotaging behaviors

  • Assess your current career brand value

  • Determine your needs and wants from an employer

  • Identify your needs and wants from a role

  • Review the nine different types of interviews and learn the secrets to how to respond in each of them

  • Review interviewing questions from employers and for employers

  • Develop a salary negotiation strategy

Our Price: $10.00
The Career Brand for Christians - PDF DOWNLOAD

The Career BrandTM for Christians is an inspiring and powerful book created specifically to empower Christians to elevate their careers, while demonstrating the Character of God at Work. This book uses The Career BrandTM elements to identify and strengthen your career presence, which ignites your salary and promotional potential.

This book intricately illustrates how you are uniquely and wonderfully made. By the end of this book, readers will strengthen their career brand, deepen their relationship with God and understand the character of God at work.

The Career BrandTM for Christians includes introspective and empowering tools that enable readers to:

  • Discover Their Five Layers of Uniqueness

  • Identify Their Gifts of The Spirit and Fruit of the Spirit

  • Assess the Strength of Their Four Career Brand Elements

  • Assess Their Career Brand Value

  • Evaluate their 20 Career Brand Attributes

  • Identify The Meaning of “Refined By The Fire”

  • Identify Their Career-Sabotaging Behaviors

  • Build Strategies For Marketing Their Career Brand

The Career Planning Blueprint for Leaders - PDF DOWNLOAD

The Career Planning Blueprint for Leaders workbook is ideal for leaders striving to advance their career. The workbook encompasses special sections on Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, the KATZ Model, and Practical Experience as a foundation for developing your plan. This is a wonderful easy to follow workbook that provides step-by-step instructions for building your own succession plan.

Our Price: $24.95